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In Blood Bowl a stout defence is probably the hardest aspect of the game to master, as there are many ways to create scoring positions, while defensive play generally requires consistent thought and positioning and even one mistake may be enough to allow your opponent to score.

When talking about tactics in Blood Bowl we often divide teams up into four categories:  Bashers, Agility, Hybrids, and Stunties.  Each of these categories tend to have fairly consistent qualities that determine the approach to how they should play the game to succeed.  For Bashers, we generally find slower teams with higher strength, armour and blocking ability, but with less effective ball handling skills and lower movement and mobility; and for agility teams the opposite is generally true.  Hybrids can generally play either style depending on their opponent, while with Stunties anything goes!  As with any broad category there are many nuances and variations within those groups, but for players looking to start out and understand the solid basics of play for their team, this approach works well.

In this article we are going to look at the fundamentals of offensive play for the two most prolific and polarised types: Agility and Bash teams.

  • 5 min read