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Pokemon V Strikers Tin Display

The time of hard-fighting Battle Styles is upon you, with new Pokemon that strike hard and strike often – such as these two monsters of mayhem! Choose the crunching power of Tyranitar V or the quickicy moves of Empoleon V in the Pokemon Trading Card Game: V Strikers Tin. Each of these fantastic tins contains a super-powerful Pokemon V, with the moves, the strength, and the skills to take you to the top in your next Pokemon battle!

• Featuring either Empoleon V or Tyranitar V from the Battle Styles series.
• Lots of Booster packs to get a collection of Pokemon cards started.
• Sturdy metal collectors tin to store your Pokemon cards.

V Tins typically include:
• 1 x Foil Promo Card
• 4 x Booster Packs (2x Battle Styles)
• 1 x Code Card