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Fun Police Part 1 - Converting Dwarfs

Not being someone who can concentrate on a single project at once, while the goblins are being painted I have begun work on the next team...

For this project I wanted something very different. The Ying to the goblin Yang, the hard armoured surfaces to their cloth & flesh, the Tackle to their Stunty, and yes the no-fun to their fun.

Dwarfs it is then.

As with the majority of my teams I wanted to find something a little different to base the team on. I considered trying to convert some old confrontation models as they're gorgeous but quickly found I am not made of money. More copious internet browsing and I ran across a set of miniatures from a small Spanish company, MOM Minaturas. They have a great range of fantasy miniatures aimed at not-hammer, a growing selection of sci-fi models and, tantalisingly, a coming soon fantasy football section.



The Enanos con Arms a dos Manos (Two Handed Weapon Dwarfs to you and me)  instantly spoke to me with their massive shaggy hair and beards. Two were wielding a pint which would make them easy to identify as blitzers by pose. These required minimal conversion work, just removing the weapon hafts and tidying up the beards a little.

Troll Slayers


Conveniently there are two Troll Slayer heroes which was perfect for the team. The one on the left had a simple weapon snip and was done. The other had a little more work removing the weapon and the palm re-sculpting to look more like he was grabbing an unfortunate victim.



The runners were based on the command group champion and standard bearer. Both also had weapon snips performed and then a piece of sprue carved down to form the basis of a ball. The left hand was carefully cut from the shield and the other rotated. Finally everything was then smoothed out and gaps fixed with some green stuff.


Longbeards 1

For the Longbeards all had weapon snips to start. The ones with minimal interference with their beards then just had a little carving done to neaten them up.

Longeards 2

For the others some beard re-sculpting was required with green stuff. The first was a little rough but with practice and a sharp knife to get the detail they mostly blended in pretty well.

Longbeards 3

A few of the models also had their hands removed and rotated in order to make their poses look a little more Bloodbowl.


Overall I'm pretty happy with how they all look as a unit and the poses seem suitable dwarf-like, none of this posing on one leg thing some of the modern teams are doing. Dwarfs should be relatively static! The positionals should also all be quite identifiable by silhouette, which is important, making them easy to play against.


Painted runnerPainted longbeard

Painting is currently in progress for the team to get them ready for the next ECBBL season in the Autumn. The armour is being done with TurboDork Blue Steel and the detail with Ill Gotten Gold. In order to differentiate the positions a little further the beards are also being colour coded, blonde for the Longbeards, white for the Runners, auburn for the Blitzers and the traditional ginger for the ‘slayers. 

Check back soon for creating the bases and the final team (and the goblins when I'm finally finished!)

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