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Did you know that roughly 59% of Brits have a passionate hobby? Miniature painting is one of the most popular hobbies, but how can you get started in the hobby? Finding the best miniature paint supplies is a critical step.

If you're curious about paint for miniatures and figures, we're happy to lend a hand. Read on to learn more about miniature painting and what supplies you can't skip out on.

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The world as we know it should be embracing how diverse it all is, and all media forms should accept this. While there is still ways to go, we take a look at the board games championing accessibility and a range of characters.
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And with much great rejoicing the Dwarfs were painted! A mid summer choice was made to play them in the ECBBL Autumn season so they had 10 weeks to be painted. Having young children I don’t get to paint very frequently so this was actually a much shorter (no pun intended) timeframe than it seems. Still nothing seems to focus the mind as much as a deadline.

I would rate my painting at the same level of my Bloodbowl play: adequate (cite, Paul “Geggster” Gegg, 21/08/2019). So please enjoy the reasonably pretty pictures but don’t look too hard.

  • 2 min read
With the Dwarfs all balancing on their wire stilts & corks for painting (extreme measures to avoid being called short) I could for once create the basing for my team separately. Being Dwarfs there is only one suitable surface for them to play on: stone paving. This can however fall into the category of quite dull so I thought a while about how to liven it up a little. 
  • 3 min read

Not being someone who can concentrate on a single project at once, while the goblins are being painted I have begun work on the next team...

For this project I wanted something very different. The Ying to the goblin Yang, the hard armoured surfaces to their cloth & flesh, the Tackle to their Stunty, and yes the no-fun to their fun.

Dwarfs it is then.

  • 3 min read
Fast forward twenty odd years and I'm reminiscing about the good old times, reliving our grand adventures in the age of strife and I find myself on eBay buying it all over again, with the expansion packs I didn't get to play as a kid all as new with the pieces still in the sprues. Ha! Not for long, that's not what games are for!
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