• 'olmeadale 'ooligans Part 3 - If only life had re-rolls

    As we ended the last article the team was “complete” but you hadn't seen the doom diver yet. We'll let me tell you a sad tale… The 'diver was conv...
  • Zenobian Zenith Amazon Tournament Rosters

    By now our wonderful backers will be receiving their teams and will be busy painting their teams. I can't wait to see pictures of your painted team...
  • 'olmesdale 'ooligans Part 2 - The Secret Weapon is Green(stuff)

    Having put together the majority of my goblin team from a Gnoblar regiment and some spares it was time to move onto the exciting part, the secret weapons. This was the part of the team I was most excited by as it really gives a chance to flex the ideas in ways that just aren't there for other BloodBowl sides.
  • 'olmesdale 'ooligans Part 1 - Scavenging together a team

    When I relapsed back into miniature gaming (after 13 years clean dammit) I had 2 underlying aims I wanted to try and keep to:

    1. Stay true to my 12 year old self and make my teams mine, don’t settle for the same thing everyone else has.
    2. Try not to spend all of the money on this hobby.

    Pledge 2 is proving a little hard to keep, but is at least assisted by my love of trawling small miniature manufacturers, eBay auctions and converting. From one of these random trawls through everyone’s favourite online tat bazaar I came across the genus of an idea for my Goblins.

  • My Journey Into Games

     Hi, Sutmae, I’m Leah! I’m here to talk about my journey into games. A lot of my earliest gaming memories involve both my parents. Playing on my da...
  • Arcades: The Joy of Game Hopping

    The old school arcade game and its early console brethren are designed to be fun in short bursts. There’s an instant hit of action with no faffing about with cut scenes or long tutorials and very finite play time. Extra lives are cash dependent, and with loads of other things to play, you might decide to save those coins for a crack at something else.