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'olmesdale 'ooligans Part 4 - Painting the town red (and blue)

The summer painting frenzy continues (continued? I'm not entirely sure which tense is best used for blogs) and the Goblins are also complete!

These guys were used as a palette cleanser after a far too involved and annoying paint scheme being done for my Chorf/Underworld/Skaven team... just the 32 models of over-complicated tedium. This meant everything was speed painted; 45 minutes of basecoating & washing one session, 45 minutes highlighting the next for each model.

The Team

The whole team


Gobbo1 FrontGobbos 1 Back

 Kebab, Punch, Marlene, Salad, Ben Tekkers

Gobbos 2 FrontGobbos 2 Back

Cookie, Rambo, One Size, Rite'n'Brite, Jolly Roger

Secret Weapons

Weapons frontWeapons Back

The Ship, Jedi, Razor


Positions FrontPositions Back

Budgie, Eric da Ninja, The Bald Eagle


Trolls FrontTrolls back

Grey Joggers, Manos de Troll


Coach frontCoach back

Sir Steve

The boys have had a successful runout once already, although not at my hands, winning the James Brown Memorial Stunty Cup at the Pearly Kings & Queens XIV tournament. Only time will tell whether the team is the real talent or Yogi who coached them was (It was Yogi).

And so my two summer projects are just about complete. This allowed me to finally give myself a little reward and buy some hobby stuff which I was holding off. Imagine what I can do now I have a decent set of brushes with an actual point! Stay tuned to see which rabbit hole I hop down next.

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