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About Us


Hi Chris here! I founded Exit 23 Games to help fellow hobbyists like you express themselves on the tabletop.

We’re on a mission to make tabletop gaming radical and diverse again with mind blowing paints ranges and fun narrative driven skirmish games.

I love tabletop games and like a lot of you, I started with Warhammer 40k 2nd edition and have loved tabletop games ever since.

When Blood Bowl returned in 2016 I saw it as an opportunity to meet like minded people and ended up playing competitively all over the UK and Europe 😅

I’m guessing you’re similar, given you’ve arrived at this page?

Here’s what we stand for,and why you should care:

  • Our collection of Turbo Dork paints provide the metallics and colour shifting paints the Big Hobby companies don't, which means when you buy from us, you’re supporting independent businesses and bring something different to the tabletop.
  • The games we sell don’t require you to buy a new book every 3-6 months or for you to carry a library of books with you to play. With Relicblade, all you need is the core rule book and the miniatures you want to play with. Each Relicblade mini comes with the it’s own card containing its stats. Each faction comes with different scenarios to play through.
  • Quality and sustainability are hugely important to us. We ship using packing made from recycled paper. The Bubble wrap is either biodegradable or, in some cases, we'll reuse packing materials we've received. 
  • Inclusion and diversity is why we started. Our first product was the Zenobian Zeniths, an all female alternative blood bowl team which celebrates diversity rather than the traditional female miniatures on the market. With the Zenobian Zeniths, you can be proud to play games with younger hobbyists.
  • Customer service is something that we always take pride in. We want to enhance your hobby so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We love to hear what you’re working on and see work in progress pictures!

One of the most important things is how much you trust us, that’s why the thing we're most proud of is our 5 star reviews and positive feedback from the community.

Quite simply, YOU love what we do as much as we do.

And that’s what we’re all about.

Here’s the lowdown on the awesome brands we work with.

Turbo Dork

Exit 23 Games and Turbo Dork started up around the same time, and we began importing Turbo Dork paints soon after.

We love how easy the paint is to use and how quickly you can take a pile of opportunity and produce an army that stands out on the tabletop.

The range of metallics enables you to glow up any of the established 40K and Age of Sigmar paint schemes.

In addition, their Turboshift paints provide incredible colour-shifting effects perfect for any fantasy and Sci-fi setting.

The Zenishift paints are designed to be two colours in one. Fae Wylds, for example, over a black undercoat, presents as pink, while over white, it shows as green. 


We've been working with Sean at Metal King Studio for several years and love that we can make Relicblade readily available to the UK and European markets.

Relicblade is a fast-paced skirmish game with a low model count with a great XP growth element that makes it a fantastic game for narrative players.

Games are played on a 2"x2" board allowing you to play almost anywhere. There are even rules to play on a square grid, making Relicblade an excellent gateway game for board gamers unfamiliar with measuring distances in miniature games.

Each faction comes with the cards you need to play them, so once you have the core rulebook, you can play any new faction without buying additional books. On top of that, each faction comes with a scenario to play through.

Sean Sutter is the creator, artist, game designer and sculptor behind Relicblade, and we love the world he's created.