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Turbo Dork Colorshift and Metallic Paints


Can I use Turbo Dork Colorshift and Metallic paints in an airbrush?

Yes, you'll want to add a little thinner or flow improver as the formula. 


Are Turbo Dork Colorshift and Metallic paints different to other acrylic paints?

Turbo Dork provides a range of gorgeous colours and colorshift effects which can be used like any other acrylic metallic paint. Like all acrylics, it's best to apply multiple thin layers, allowing to dry between applications. As the paint is formulated for airbrush, you'll find the paint will pool if you apply too much at once. Add a little paint to your palette at a time.


My paint has separated in the bottle, is this normal?

Yes, the pigments don't stay in suspension for a long time, so you'll find that they settle in the bottle. Give them a good shake before use and then shale some more. 


What are colorshift paints?

Colorshift paints are made with tiny glass-like flakes that work like millions of small prisms within the paint. Depending on how the flakes are made, different colours are refracted or reflected in the light. In laymen terms, this means that colorshift paint changes colour depending on what light you are viewing it under, and what angle you are holding it to that light.


How do I paint with colorshift paints?

For best results, we recommend using an airbrush, particularly on large surfaces. If you are hand brushing, be sure to paint in the same direction to ensure you apply smooth layers and so the prisms align properly.

What is Turboshift paint?

Turboshift paints are colour shifting acrylic paints. The colour shifting effect is achieved through tiny prisms which refract the light resulting in a finish that will appear as different colours depending on the lighting and point of view.


Are all turbo dork paints metallic?

The Turbo Dork range is made up of metallics and Turboshift paints. The metallics are made using pigment and small mica flakes. The Turboshift paints are made with tiny glass-likeflakes that, when layered, work like millions of small prisms within the paint. Depending on how the flakes are made, different colors are refracted or reflected in the light. The result is that the paint changes color depending on what light you are viewing it under, and what angle you are holding it to that light

Does turbo Dork paint need to be thinned?

Like all metallic acrylic paints, Turbo Dork paints are Best applied using multiple thin coats. Thinners such as Vallejo Thinner, Flow Improvers or even water will thin your paint enough to get a smooth finish.

Do you need to thin turbo dork paint?

Turbo Dork paint has been formulated for use with a brush and airbrush. When it comes to thinking or diluting, treat them like any other metallic acrylic paint by adding a little thinner, or water and applying multiple thin coats.



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