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Fun Police Part 3 - Shiny Objects of Wonder

And with much great rejoicing the Dwarfs were painted! A mid summer choice was made to play them in theECBBL Autumn season so they had 10 weeks to be painted. Having young children I don’t get to paint very frequently so this was actually a much shorter (no pun intended) timeframe than it seems. Still nothing seems to focus the mind as much as a deadline.

I would rate my painting at the same level of my Bloodbowl play: adequate (cite, Paul “Geggster” Gegg, 21/08/2019). So please enjoy the reasonably pretty pictures but don’t look too hard.

Team Lineup

Whole Team

The main armour colour isTurbo Dork Blue Steel over a base coat of Vallejo Electric Blue. Army Painter Blue Tone was applied liberally, followed by targeted Dark Tone in the deeper panel lines. A final edge highlight of 50/50 TD Blue Steel/AP Plate Mail completed the look.


Longbeards 1 FrontLongbeards 1 Back

The absolutely fabulous gold is as simple as a couple of coats ofTurbo Dork Ill Gotten Gold over a base of Vallejo Plague Brown. The blue undertone in the metallic takes care of the shading and by using only a couple of thin coats the edges pick up a highlight by not having an opaque coat, like a pseudo-contrast I guess.

Longbeards 2 frontLongbeards 2 Back

For the Lonbeards I tried using advice I read on Twitter:You can’t use any yellows if you want to paint blonde hair. A base coat of Vallejo Bonewhite was liberally washed with Plague Brown & AP Soft Tone in the deeper recesses. Highlights then went from bonewhite up to Off White. Although technically called Plague Brown it’s blatantly a yellow so came out a bit lurid which is fine for this application but won’t work if I ever want something realistic.


Blitzers FrontBlitzers Back

Blitzers beards were a weird one that took a number of attempts. Vallejo Heavy Red was the base followed by a couple of washes of AP Strong Tone. Vallejo Leather Brown was then increasingly mixed in with the red for highlights. I’m not totally sold on the auburn but it’s distinct enough on the table which is what matters.

A final cheeky usage of Turbo Dork was for the gems, they’reAbsinthe over a Vallejo Foul Green base.


Runners FrontRunners Back

Runners beards are Vallejo Ghost Grey, washed with thinned Dark Tone & highlighted with 50/50 Dead White & Matt Medium.


Slayers FrontSlayers Back

For the Troll slayers I fell back onto my trusty Artists Acrylic Orange, which I seem to use in every single project, with a Soft Tone wash. In an attempt to get away from this colour my next project will be Zenobian Zeniths painted to match the concept art. Now what colour did B use again…?


Turnmarker frontTurnmarker Back

Cloth, leather and skin were all fairly simple. Vallejo Off White/Magic Blue, Dark Fleshtone & Dwarf Skin respectively with washes of Soft or Blue Tone & highlighted back up.

Rerolls StackedRerolls loose

The Fun Police were indeed painted in time for the start of the Autumn season where they are already frustrating all involved in their games. Mainly me. The only outstanding element remains thetractor which is closing in on being converted… but perhaps that will be for the next article.

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