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Berserker Pig

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Berserker Pig with Character Card and Upgrade Card.

"Goreface let out a light chuckle as the brave warrior fell to the ground only to be devoured by a frenzied pig moments later."


Battle Pigs are a barbaric race that revels in destruction and chaos. Even among a race known for brutality, the berserker pigs stand out. Foraging deep in the wildlands, the berserkers seek out fabled blood mushrooms. When these mushrooms are consumed in battle the berserkers mind is consumed by violence. These warriors enter a frenzied state that pushes their bodies to the absolute limit.

Though they pay a high price for this abuse of nature, berserker pigs perform unimaginable feats of combat at blinding speed. The frenzy state wreaks havoc on the body, and often results in massive internal damage. Battle Pigs, however, are unnaturally well-suited to the corruption. Their abominable anatomy allows them to consume the dead to repair whatever cruelty has been inflicted by their life of violence.



  • 1 Berserker Pig miniature cast in white metal and supplied with a 25mm base. Compatible with weapon bits from other battle pigs.

  • 1 Berserker Pig character card

  • 1 Pig Out, Pig Only Tactic upgrade card.

Painted by Malev Minis!

This white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, and should be washed with warm water and soap before painting. Not for babies.

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