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Deluxe Relicblade Token Set

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The Relicblade token sheet includes an excellent assortment of gaming aids. These tokens are specifically designed for Relicblade. Mark the position of treasures and relics and track important information such as which characters are disabled or dodging. Each token is characterfully illustrated by Sean Sutter to capture the unique tone of Relicblade.

The set includes 24 all-new double-sided objective and treasure tokens! The set includes braziers, magic standing stones, yaks, traps, and everything in-between. There are even treasure tokens to represent the most common upgrades such as Magic Rings and Health Potions. These 1” tokens make excellent stand-ins for these common single-use upgrade cards.

Beyond the game tokens, the sheet includes a specially designed measurement gauge. With this awesome gauge you will be able to freely move your characters without dealing with an unwieldy tape measure. Never again have a tape measure snap back to knock over your carefully painted miniatures.

The token punchboard is made of high quality 2mm board and printed in full color. You may be familiar with the high quality 2mm board components common in the wonderful products produced by Fantasy Flight games.

Enjoy quick movement and track important status effects with these high quality components.

Sheet includes

  • 7 Dodge/Double Dodge Tokens

  • 8 Disabled/Dire Disabled Tokens

  • 3 Defense Buff/Debuff Tokens

  • 3 Attack Buff/Debuff Tokens

  • 5 Poison/Stunned Tokens

  • 3 Bound Tokens

  • 1 Target Ground Token

  • 2 Magic Spell Tokens

  • 6 Relic/Treasure Markers

  • 3 Magic Brazier Lit/Extinguished Tokens

  • 3 Standing Stone Active/Inactive Tokens

  • 2 Trap Tokens

  • 2 Magic Flame Tokens

  • 2 Pack Yak Tokens

  • 2 Health Potion/Healing Herb Tokens

  • 2 Magic Ring/Raven Brooch Tokens

  • 2 Noxious Bomb/Corrosive Vial Tokens

  • 1 Large Measurement Gauge (8". 4", 2", and 1" sides)


Note: Miniatures in photos show tokens in use during a game. Figures are not included with the token set.

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