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The Wretched Hive Faction Set

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The Wretched Hive

Delve into the sinister underworld that exists on the fringes of society. The nomadic iguan are a dangerous lot who yield at nothing in their bid for survival.

The iguan witch, who’s mind is linked to the primordial deep ones, leads her followers in their savage endeavour. These pitiless warriors work in tight packs supporting one another to deadly effect. In the absence of true justice, cruelty is law and only the strong survive.


  • 4 Character Cards

  • 6 Upgrade Cards

  • 1 Iguan Witch

  • 1 Iguan Poacher

  • 1 Iguan Slaver

  • 1 Mangrove Basilisk (large 40mm)

  • Special Scenario: The Slave Raid

PRO TIP: This faction set is a full 100 point Warband right out of the box! Try adding any of the villain characters to explore awesome new tactics. The Ogre will add a super solid centre to hold the enemy in place while you launch carefully coordinated iguan tactics. Alternately the Iguan Assassin will offer extremely nimble scenario utility to your party builds.

These white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Scenery, glue, and paint not included.

Metal King Studio miniatures are fine scale models designed for gamers and collectors. Recommended for ages 12 and over.


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