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Lone Guard Commander with Character Card and Upgrade Card.

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Lone Guard Commander with Character Card and Upgrade Card.

"A particular legend dating back to the sundering tells of how a single individual, with righteous purpose, can make a difference in this cruel world."

Commanders are honored veterans and leaders of Lone Guard watches.They are equipped with ancestral weapons and knowledge from countless campaigns. Lone Guard Commanders are legendary leaders, whose great deeds are known throughout the land. They are staunch defenders and tireless warriors who lead from the frontlines.

The Lone Guard Commanders are heroes among heroes. They are living legends who lead by example and define the path of the advocate.


  • 1 Lone Guard Commander miniature cast in white metal and supplied with a 25mm base.

  • 1 Lone Guard Commander character card

  • 1 Champion Tactic upgrade card.

Painted by Malev Minis!

This white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, and should be washed with warm water and soap before painting. Not for babies.

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