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The Apostles of the Deep

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The Apostles of the Deep

Jagged coastlines conceal forgotten kingdoms consumed by the sea. Antediluvian mysteries lie hidden in its coralline chambers and strange servants of primordial masters emerge from its cruel depths.


Unspeakably violent sharks and eel sorcerers lead piscine minions on a weird crusade. They are the surging tide of a mutating world. Guided by slumbering gods, The Apostles of the Deep cruelly follow the Path of the Adversary.


  • The Deep card pack

    • 2 Character Cards

    • 5 Upgrade Cards

    • 1 Relic Card

  • 2 Gilblin Fishers Cards

  • 1 Eel Sorcerer

  • 1 Shark Warrior

  • 2 Gilblin Fishers

  • Special Scenario: The Stars are Right!

Painted Set by Malev Minis

PPRO TIP: This faction set is only 60 points out of the box. The fish goblins are only 14 points for two! Staying completely within “The Deep” faction means loading up on more goblins, which are available separately with their cards. Which is a lot of fun. But it’s easy to stay in theme with a Mangrove Basilisk or other Iguan characters, too. Be bold!

These white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Scenery, glue, and paint not included.

Metal King Studio miniatures are fine scale models designed for gamers and collectors. Recommended for ages 12 and over.

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