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Kingdoms of Akadh Faction Set

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The Akadh valley is home to a proud race of canid goblinoids. Their ancient empire is splintered into warring kingdoms, and disenchanted by civil strife, many Akadhian heroes have turned to a life of adventure.

Akadh Magicians are legendary enchanters who hunger for power. They set out into the wild world with their super-loyal speargobs and potent elemental creations to claim vast and mysterious treasures.

Quick to follow any charismatic leader, the Akadh goblins are a neutral faction.

This faction set includes several special character types. The magician is a rider, the elemental is a construct, and the spear gobs are a team. This faction set was an awesome opportunity to add some great upgrades for those special character types. In many ways, this faction set is an awesome expansion that will boost the whole Relicblade world!

  • Kingdoms of Akadh Card Pack

    • Akadh Magician (wizard)

    • Magic Carpet (mount)

    • Water Elemental Construct (construct)

    • Speargob (team)

    • Elemental Core (item)

    • Construct Battery (item)

    • Goboberry Guice (potion)

    • Born to Ride (tactic)

    • Disenchant (spell)

    • Chain Lightning (spell)

  • 1 Akadh Magician on Magic Carpet Miniature

  • 1 Water Elemental Construct Miniature

  • 2 Speargobs Miniatures

  • Special Scenario: The Hanging Gardens

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