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Catacombs of Kural: Solo/Coop Adventure

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The Catacombs of Kural is the first solo/cooperative adventure for Relicblade.

This soft cover book is a relatively small 61 page adventure that packs a punch. This book can be combined with the Catacombs of Kural card pack for added gameplay convenience. The card pack includes the Aug-Suul monster cards and several basic upgrades that are found in the dark catacombs.


This campaign book is packed with tons of great content. Inside you'll find:

  • Secret lore concerning the Catacombs hidden deep beneath the Kural mountains.
  • Lore focussed introduction to the new Aug-Suul faction.
  • Solo or Cooperative rules for the Catacombs of Kural adventure.
  • 6 deadly cooperative or solo scenarios in the dark Catacombs of Kural.
  • Optionally add the Catacombs card pack for the cards used in the adventure.

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