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Gnome Magister on Magic Carpet

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Gnome Magister with Character Card and Magic Carpet mount character card.

"The terrible elemental storms in the Kural mountains draw sorcerers from far reaches of the known world. The promise of primal secrets and arcane research are an irresistible combination.
The otherworldly gnomes have a tendency to pop up any time an opportunity for real learning presents itself. Gnome Magisters command the raw magic that hangs in the air, and tracking concentrations of these ambient sources is among their essential duties.

Gnome Magisters are powerful elemental storm chasers. They ride into battle atop exotic magic carpets. From these breathtakingly mobile carpets, they are able to weave destructive spells and command their allies with near impunity. Magic carpets bring a new tier of mobility to the Relicblade universe, but beware; your wizard is just as squishy as ever, so be sure to weave a magic ring into your carpet. Safety First!


  • 1 Gnome Magister miniature cast in white metal and supplied with a 40mm base.
  • 1 Gnome Magister Advocate Wizard character card
  • 1 Magic Carpoet, Wizard Only mount character card.

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