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Shrimp Harpooners

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Shrimp Harpooners with Character Card and Upgrade Card.

"These bizarre tidal creepers specialise in ambush tactics. They are sinister crustacean goblinoids that plague the coasts and brackish badlands. These hunter shrimps have submitted their wills to the corrupting tendrils of slumbering gods. Now they serve the strange Apostles of the Deep!"

Shrimp Harpooners are the special “team” character type and aligned with the Adversary.

This model kit includes

  • 2 Shrimp Harpooner miniatures cast in white metal and supplied with 25mm bases.

  • 1 Shrimp Harpooner character card

  • 1 Bind Breaker, tactic upgrade card.

Painted by Malev Minis!

This white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, and should be washed with warm water and soap before painting. Not for babies.

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