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Singular Champions: Volume One 12-Card Expansion pack (physical)

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In this card pack you will find the collected cards for the first two waves of single character expansions. Relicblade characters released as single character expansions include their character card and a single upgrade. This expansion pack consists of the cards otherwise only available within those single figure expansions. These cards make an excellent addition to every Relicblade collection.

For collectors who prefer to use their own miniatures, or simply want access to every possible upgrade option, the Singular Champions expansion is a vital purchase.

Singular Champions: Volume One includes:

  • Gnome Battlesmith Advocate Character
  • Magic Ring Item Upgrade
  • Mounted Battlesmith Advocate Character (Rider)
  • Ibex Advocate Character (Mount)
  • Hellhound Berserker Advocate Character
  • Feral Valor Tactic Upgrade
  • Ogre Retiarius Adversary Character
  • Veteran’s Edge Tactic Upgrade
  • Vermin Mouth Adversary Character
  • Rat Swarm Adversary Summon
  • Iguan Assassin Adversary Character
  • Neurotoxin Weapon Upgrade

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