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    Bone and Darkness Faction Set

    Bone and Darkness

    Mysterious skull faced villains stalk the wild-lands.

    These dark wanderers are an evil threat unlike anything we've seen before. Wielding horrible bone-magic, a new form of necromancy, the dark lords spur unnatural growth to create mutated skeletal monstrosities. The resulting horrors are rabid living-bone creatures of unrelenting fury.

    Command these monstrosities to carve a cruel domain of Bone and Darkness.

    The Bone and Darkness expansion introduces the new construct character type. Constructs have no life of their own and enter play inert. Through the application of specific magic, players will be able to bring these creatures to bear against their foes. Constructs are a powerful addition to your war band for relatively few points. The real cost to your war party will be what it takes to keep the terrible bone construct empowered. Constructs can only be removed from play by magical attacks while inert, and will likely remain a relevant game-changing piece through the entire battle.


    • 5 Character Cards

    • 5 Upgrade Cards

    • 1 Dark Wanderer/Watcher Miniature

    • 2 Bone Stalker Miniatures

    • 1 Bone Construct Miniature (large 40mm)

    • Special Scenario: The Dark Ritual

    darkness photo.jpg

    PRO TIP: Add Two Bone Stalkers to bump this warband to 100 points. The standard game size.

    These white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Scenery, glue, and paint not included.

    Metal King Studio miniatures are fine scale models designed for gamers and collectors. Recommended for ages 12 and over.