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Dragon Shield - Perfect Fit Standard Size Sealable Sleeves 100pk - Clear

Card protection on all 4 sides. Sling your bling with peace of mind.

Sealable perfect fit sleeves protect all 4 sides of your card enhancing it’s resistance to dings, dinks anddragons*. With a Sealable perfect fit, your card sits in a protective pocket where there is no risk of fingerprint smudges, and dirt and dust will have a hard time finding their way inside. Sealable perfect fits don’t use glue, meaning they are resealable and you can re-house your cards.

Cards double-sleeved with sealable perfect fits will be slightly thicker than those double-sleeved with normal perfect fits. Double-sleeving whole decks with sealable perfect fits will make them noticeably thicker.

Cards double-sleeved with sealable perfect fits will have a little bit of air in them, you can press on the double-sleeved card with the palm of your hand and rock your palm back and forth gently to push the air out, to save some time you can do this with stacks of cards at a time.

    100 standard size sealable sleeves
    Full 4 edge protection

How to sleeve with Sealable perfect fits:

  1. Insert card into sealable sleeve top first with the front of the card facing the side of the sleeve with the flap   
  2. Insert the flap between the back of the card and the side of the sleeve opposite to the flap   
  3. Slide the flap up the back of the card so that there is no flap hanging out the bottom of the sleeve.

*sealable perfect fit sleeves don’t protect from dragons*

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