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Gilblin Fisher Team

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Two Gilblin Fishers with Character Cards

Hidden in sea caves and tidal pools the Gilblin fishers await their prey. Armed with barbed sticks and cruel hooks, these piscine goblinoids are prepared to overwhelm their enemies!

The Gilblin Fishers are the first characters with the new “Team” Special Character Type! The Team rule represents units in Relicblade, and goblins are the perfect place to start. From the first time these little fish creatures emerged from their tide-pools, I was sure I needed a ton of them on the table at once. For a mere 14 points you can field a unit of two Gilblins. Simple math means you can field 14 goblins in a 100 point game! They certainly aren’t equal to a knight on their own, but a veritable horde will get the job done! Compare that to your friend’s four heroes, and things will start looking grim. That said, there are few feelings more satisfying than cleaving your way through a mass of goblins! These goblins, and any future “team” characters, are certainly going to change the way you play and think about Relicblade. This release is extremely fun.

This model kit includes

  • 2 Gilblin Fisher miniatures cast in white metal and supplied with 25mm bases

  • 1 Gilblin Fishers Character Card

  • 1 Mud Holes, Goblin Only Tactic Upgrade

Painted by Malev Minis

These white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, and should be washed with warm water and soap before painting. Not for babies.

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