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Relicblade Legends 10-Card Expansion Pack (Physical)

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"The savage realms of Relicblade are littered with the bones of heroes and villains alike."

Most who venture into the wilds seek their destiny but find only their fate! A few brave legends live long enough for their names to be recorded in the annals of history. Be blessed or cursed, feared or fearless, names such as Wulfbad the Wanderer and Synvar the Sneak have left an indelible mark on our world.

In this first Relicblade Legends Expansion Pack you will find nine (9) brand new character cards and the print exclusive Monkey Idol relic card. Expand your game with these powerful additions and seek your destiny in the wilds of Relicblade!

This Expansion Includes The Following Cards:
  • Armon Minoux, Holy Knight
  • Cora the Bold, Knight
  • Verin Six-Fingers, Fighter Warlord
  • Jayne Stokes, Shield Fighter
  • Porter McScotch, Bard
  • Synvar the Sneak, Rogue
  • Tyralyon Larithyan The Blade Master, Knight
  • Woggie Woggelbuck, Knight Samith
  • Wulfbad the Wanderer, Barbarian Scout
  • Monkey Idol, Relic from "The Temple of the Three Monkeys"


This pack includes the Dark Wanderer and Dark Watcher character cards which are also featured in the Bone and Darkness expansion.

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