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RGG360 Miniature Holder V2

The perfected painting handle: light weight, ergonomic compact shape, smooth 360° rotation, swappable caps.

Swappable Caps

With the RGG 360 painting handle, batch painting is easier. Paint whole squads at once using our innovative swappable caps system, which allows you to use one handle across multiple models and save precious hobby space in the process. Simply remove the current cap and its attached WIP, and then replace it on the handle with another cap and the next WIP you need to paint!


Magnetic Dock

Each RGG 360 painting handle comes with a magnetic docking function. Affix the docking disc to your hobby space, wet palette lid, or storage location. Whenever you need to pause or put down the painting, the stable, well-balanced design and strong magnet within the painting handle will take care of the rest! Your painting project will be secured until you can pick it up once more.



What if your mini is not on a standard 32mm round base? Not a problem! With our design and the reusable adhesive mounting putty, all shapes and sizes of base and model can be accommodated. 10 to 50mm bases are all suitable for the RGG 360 painting holder. You can also adapt the cap with your own pins for specialised jobs; adapt the system to suit your own needs easily.

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