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Sanguine Scarlet

The Triads

If you’re just starting out miniature painting, it can be a bit daunting. That’s why we decided early on to produce our paints in a series of triads.

Each triad is made up of a Shadow, Midtone, and Highlight.

By layering your paints from darkest to lightest, you can easily paint your miniatures quickly and beautifully.

Head banging agitators

Two Thin Coats includes 15ml of high-quality paint in a slightly oversized bottle to allow room for shaking complete with cap, nozzle, and a head-banging agitator. Be sure to give the bottles a good shake before use and let the agitators do their magic!

Each paint comes with an agitator inside already

Apart from the three colors that make up the Triads, we also offer awesome effects paints and washes. You can easily tell what kind of paint it is by looking for Sir Coates’ Shield!

The fun part: Using the Paint

Each of the Two Thin Coats paints have great coverage to give you smooth thin coats over your model right out of the bottle! But, it can still be thinned down to the way you like it (all the way to a glaze if you want!) simply by using water.

Use our Washes to shade and darken your base coats, and help build up definition in the model.

You’ll find that each of the washes have their own unique look and feel, so try them all!

There's also a mixing medium available, an effect paint called Spirit Medium - you can use this to thin your paints without affecting their special properties or changing the intensity of the color.
Experiment with different amounts of Spirit Medium to find something you like!

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