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Zenobian Zenith Amazon Tournament Rosters

By now our wonderful backers will be receiving their teams and will be busy painting their teams. I can't wait to see pictures of your painted teams so, please send them to me, and I'll include them on the website.

Once you've painted your team, it is time to take them to the field.
The two most common formats to play Blood Bowl are League and Tournament. I'll cover both here:

The majority of tournaments grant the coach 1.1 million gold pieces to spend on their team. A two-day tournament will often allow a coach six skills to assign to their team, the NAFC being a prime example.
Amazon players are cheap, and their rerolls are cheap which means there are a lot of options. I'll cover three in this article.

All the things
9 x Linewoman (2 x Wrestle)
4 x Blitzerz (4 x Guard)
4 rerolls
2 Fan Factor
1 assistant coach
1 Cheerleader

The "All the things" roster gives you a few substitutes, and apothecary to save for your blitzers, 4 rerolls with 40k left over to spend on staff and fan factor.
It's not an exciting build but you'll have plenty of subs for when a team starts to remove your players. Instead of 2 wrestle lineswoman, you could take 1 x wrestle and 1 x dirty player allowing you to foul a little more. the 4 Guard blitzers ensure you'll be able to plenty of two dice blocks.

Roxy Music 
7 x Linewoman (2 x Wrestle)
4 x Blitzerz (4 x Guard)
Roxanna Darknail
2 x rerolls
2 x Fan Factor
1 x assistant coach
1 x Cheerleader

Roxy music is higher risk roster than all the things but it has two benefits. 1. You get to use the Rose the elf miniature
2. Roxanna is an absolute beast on the blood bowl pitch!

With movement 8 and Agility 5, Roxanna can do amazing things and gives the Amazons some much-needed pace. You still have 4 guard blitzers enabling you to get those 2 dice blocks.

7 x Linewoman (2 x Wrestle)
4 x Blitzerz (4 x Guard)
Karla Von Kill
1 x Apothecary
3 x rerolls
1 x assistant coach
1 x Cheerleader

Karla adds some strength to your team. She's fast enough to keep up with your team and tough enough to withstand a blitz or block. Some people like to use her as their ball carrier as her strength along with the Block and Dodge skills make it difficult for opponents to bring her down.


First of all, I'd like to thank Joemanji for the advice. Joemanji is an exceptional Blood Bowl player and I've been lucky enough to receive some coaching over the last few months. He provides coaching, game analysis and roaster advice through his Patreon

Amazons are a strong team with plenty of interesting options afforded to them by the low-cost players and rerolls. In this roster, I've covered three popular rosters but there are plenty of different builds involving the other star players available to the Amazons.

Let me know which rosters you think is best!




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May 16, 2019

I like the Roxy Music. My suggestion for improvement is to have one thrower instead of a line (using Cheerleader/coach TV) and give that Thrower leader as a skill giving you the 3rd reroll or dropping your bought rerolls to 2 and buying an APO

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