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13th August

Best Left Buried: Deeper

I had the chance to play Best Left Buried a few weeks ago and I'm now eagerly awaiting the start of the next Kickstarter Campaign so I can get my hands on the new book. The game uses a great d6 based system which is engaging without being too heavy, allowing you to focus on collaborative storytelling, which is the kind of RPG I love. Check out the upcoming Kickstarter here.


Dana Howl's Hobby Basics

The amazing Dana Howl has added another video to her Hobby Basics video serious. Not only are they packed with great information they well-edited and funny to boot! Check out the first video here. 


Turbo Dork Swatch Sheets

A few people have asked me about Turbo Dork comparison photos so I thought it would be best to add a page for them. I'm mixing a swatch sheet for the True Metallics and I'll add that as soon as I have it.

View the swatches here

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