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23rd January


Plenty of you have taken advantage of the 10% January sale. and I've loved reading what you'll be working on. There's still time to get 10% off everything in the store. Let me know what you're working on by leaving a comment below.


I linked to Dana Howl's YouTube channel recently as I think her videos are great. As part of my being a little braver with my hobby, I'm giving her Underpainting method a try.

Games Workshop High Elf Linemen

Here's a photo of some work in progress High Elves I'm painting for the Water Bowl Legacy team. The legacy is a great, 16 or so people volunteer to paint and donate a miniature for the legacy team. Before the Waterbowl each year, the volunteers are entered into a lottery. Whoever wins the lottery wins the legacy team. Traditionally the winner also uses the team in that years Waterbowl.

How is your hobby going so far in 2020?

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