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24th September - Expanding the Range

It's nearly two years since I launched the Zenobian Zeniths Kickstarter and the range already enables you to field several different fantasy football teams.
I've always wanted to expand the range, and with a new edition of Blood Bowl in the works from Games Workshop, I thought it'd be great to add some additional positions, star players and some cheeky halflings. I'm pleased to be able to share the concept art for the halflings. Once again, B Mure is the artist. I'll share more details on the expansion soon and if you're interested in being among the first to know, please subscribe to the email list and follow the Exit 23 Games social media accounts.

Female halfling wearing a saucepan as a hat

Female halfling holding a fish!

Female halfling leaping! Could she be one of the Super Halfling Sisters?



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