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26th November - A New Season

A New Season

If you're a fan of Games Workshop's wonderful fantasy football game, Blood Bowl, you'll no doubt know that they have released a new edition with some exciting rule changes as well as new teams, stars and updated rosters.
If you backed the Zenobian Zentihs Kickstarter campaign, you might have seen an update announcing some new miniatures. I'm pleased to announce that work is well underway to update the Zenobian Zeniths range to include a few halflings and guards to make them even more diverse.

Halfling punching the air

Halfling with pan on it's head

Halfling Ada, holding a fish in the air

Expanded Range

I've been posting about this on our social channels for a few weeks and this week the Omakase and Get Shifty paint ranges launched.


Omakase is a range of pastel metallics. Beautiful in their own right, they also make fantastic highlights for the Turbo Dork Metallic range.

Omakase range

Get Shifty

4D Glasses recently joined the Turbo Dork range on a full time basis and is now joined the Get Shifty squad along with Laserface, Twin Sons and Prism Power

Omakase and Get Shifty ranges 

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