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3rd September - Dice, Dice, Dice


You can now get your hands on beautiful Chessex dice with the Exit 23 Games logo. You can buy packs of 12 here

A pile of red translucent six sided dice with a Exit 23 Games Logo in place of the 6


Kickstarter Campaigns

Here are a few of the Kickstarter campaigns which have stood out over the last week.

Left and the bottom of the Garden

I came across this Kickstarter campaign yesterday, and I love the miniatures! Take a look at the campaign by clicking here.

Left at the Bottom of the Garden miniatures


Legends of Avallen

I love a good Celtic theme and the artwork on this project is lush. You can see more details by following the link.

Legends of Avallen's portal to the Otherworld artwork

Artwork of Valens the Slayer drawing an arrow.



I do like a D100 ruleset and twinned with some great old school artwork I was always going to back this! 

Black and white artwork for Open Quest

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