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6th February

Chaos Dwarfs

Progress has been slow as over the holiday season, but things will start to pick up as schedules start to clear. In the meantime, Here is the latest dwarf sculpt for the team.

Chaos Dwarf

Upcoming Kickstarter Projects

A couple of Friends have Kickstarter projects that will be launching soon.
You may be familiar with Hellboy the board game which came out last year. The designers, Sophie and James of Needy Cat Games are turning their talents to a new project called Robot Fight Club. Last September, I was lucky enough to get the chance to playtest Robot Fight Club at Tabletop Gaming Live, and I've been looking forward to its release ever since.

Monkstone Miniatures is the brainchild of Jack Good, by day he's the Lead artist at Bossa Studios. I've been trying to hire his services for a while, but he's busy preparing for Monkstone Miniatures' first Kickstarter campaign. Check out out one of his sculpts below and follow the progress over at the Monkstone Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Monkstone Minis theif

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