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8th August

Office Move

I'm in the process of moving and as a result, dispatch times may be affected until the 18th or 19th of August. 

Turbo Dork August Special Offer 

Until the end of August you can buy five Turbo Dork paints for the price of four. Simply add 5 paints to your basket, and you'll see the discount during checkout.


Bedlam Bear Miniatures

Here is a preview of the Bedlem Bear Miniature's Witch Elves. Inspired by Judge Dredd, I think these look amazing. They should be available to buy before August is over. Keep and eye on twitter, Instagram Facebook for further announcements.

Witch Elf 1

Witch Elf 2


I'm working with Common Ground Creative to strengthen the company's branding. Common Creative worked with Turbo Dork on their branding, and I'm a huge fan, so I'm excited to see what they do for Exit 23 Games. Once I have the branding nailed down, I'll be updating the website, and social accounts as well as looking at our packaging, dice, and other merchandise.






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