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Today is the last day of the campaign. As it stands, the funding total is a little under £9k meaning the project is funded, and we can produce a bunch of great add-ons and stretch goals. There’s still time for more stretch goals to be unlocked.

Thanks again for anyone who has like or shared our social media posts, written about the project on forums, shared with there friends or mentioned the project on their podcast. You’ve helped us smash our funding targets, and we will be forever grateful.

So what happens next? Next week we’ll be preparing the pledge manager and sending it to all our backers. Backers will then be able to choose items they pledged for and purchase additional add-ons, teams and pay for postage and packaging.

Tom, our sculptor, is taking a well deserved week off next week but once he returns he’ll be busy completing the remaining sculpts. Once complete we’ll be sending them to PrintMakr to produce the master prints before shipping them on to Griffin Moulds. Realistically this will happen in the new year as the holiday season means businesses close or open for reduced hours.

With the holiday season so close, we’ll be giving backers plenty of time to complete the pledge manager. Once backers have responded to the pledge manager, we’ll be ordering everything that’s ready. For anyone that chooses to have their team part shipped, they receive the team of 16 before the star players and add-ons.

We’ll continue to post update through Kickstarter and on the tackle zone. We plan on sending an update every week until the campaign comes to an end. At that point, we’ll write every month to keep you updated on what we’re working on next and what we have learned during our first Kickstarter Campaign

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