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Hellhound Berserker

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Hellhound Berserker with Character Card and Upgrade Card.
"That night the berserker emerged from the heavy fog. He bore three wolf heads, as if he had become Cerebus' incarnate and all of hell followed with him."

The Hellhound Berserker is the first dwarf character in Relicblade so far! He was designed by guest artist Scott Wygmans. This barbarian class character is extremely powerful in combat. He is savage, brutal, and single minded. With the Beast keyword he can take amazing beast upgrades which make his gore stained axe-claws even more terrifying! Though the trade off is that he has little interest in treasures or relics, as beasts cannot interact with those objectives!

Though he is rather grim to behold, his fate lies on the Path of the Advocate. Add this hero to your party today!


  • 1 Hellhound Berserker miniature cast in white metal and supplied with a 25mm base.
  • 1 Hellhound Berserker character card
  • 1 Feral Valor, Barbarian and Beast Only Tactic upgrade card.

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