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Lone Guard Watchmen (team)

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Lone Guard Watchmen with Character Card and Upgrade Card.

"The Lone Guard have long stood watch over the frontiers. They are brave men and women dedicated to protecting isolated villages and outposts. The Watchmen are weathered veterans who struggle daily against the tide of Darkness. They aren’t the legends found in songs, the are the strong backs on which the Lone Guard is sustained."

The Lone Guard Watchmen are the special “team” character type. They are a unit of non-hero characters who operate in tandem. They have been the backbone of the Lone Guard since its founding, and now they can be recruited to your warbands. Equipped with hand weapons, shields, and short bows, they are extremely capable. Use these iron-hard warriors to claim and hold strategic locations.


  • 2 Lone Guard Watchmen miniatures cast in white metal and supplied with 25mm bases.
  • 1 Lone Guard Watchmen character card
  • 1 Spear, Weapon upgrade card.

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