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10th October

Chaos Dwarf Sculpts

The next round of sculpting should be complete by the end of this month so, keep your eyes peeled! Here is the concept art for the two sculpts that Tom is working on at the moment.

Chaos Dwarf 4

Chaos Dwarf 3

Blood Bowl Events

Its the time of year where I start to look at the Blood Bowl Tournament calendar for next year. I tend to give my opponents a gift at the end of the game and, if you are attending any of the events listed, you could end up facing me and walking away with at least a gift!

11th & 12th Jan - UKTC VI, York

15th & 16th Feb - Waterbowl, Stockport

9th & 10th May - NAF Championship, Nottingham


I'll also be playing at several London single day tournaments, and I'm hoping to attend the Dungeon Bowl in Germany as well as the EuroBowl in Poland. Which tournaments are you heading to this year?

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