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17th October

Great news this week and I've looked forward to posting about it.

J-Bone Industries' Frogman Fantasy Football Team

A few years a J-Bone Industries crowdfunded a fantastic Frogman Fantasy Football team. I, like many others, missed out on the campaign and have been wondering how to get hold of the team ever since. I'm delighted to announce that, I've come to an agreement with JBone and I'll be selling the remaining stock of teams through Exit 23 Games. There are only 100 or so left, and there won't be any more made. 

We're still finalising prices and a few other details but I'm aiming to start taking preorders at the start of November. Sign up to the mailing list (via the form at the bottom of the page) to be notified when preorders open. 

If you're not familiar with the team, it is a 28mm scale miniature Frogman team for fantasy football games. Sculpting by Pedro Ramos. Take a look at the core set of players in this massive/long image. Frogman Fantasy Football Team