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24th October

Salute Confirmation

I'm delighted to announce that Exit 23 Games will have a stand at Salute 2020. You'll get a chance to see the Turbo Dork paint range and to play our upcoming games so come and say hello.


Frog Update

I can confirm the prices for the JBone Frogman team. 

7x Linefrogs set £48

4x Blitzers set £24

4x Catcher set £24

1x Big Croaker £18


A complete team will be £100, a saving of £14 over the Linefrog, Blitzer, Catcher sets and the Big Croaker individually.


The 5x Stars set is £24, and the 5x Staff set is £24. 

The Stars ser will include BUZZ, KERMEE, TOADOR, SHANK, PHIBIUS

The Staff set will consist of Ref, Coach, #1 Fan, Shaman, and Doc


Alternative Blitzer Head Sprue £4.80

Prone / Stunned Markers £4.80


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* Edit: Prices adjusted as the original prices did not include VAT


Chaos Dwarf Update

I'm expecting the next batch of sculpts to arrive in the first couple of weeks of November. I'll keep you posted!

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October 27, 2019

Does any ’all-in package" will be available for sale?

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