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    14th May - Oni, Chaos Dwarfs and Relicblade


    The Oni project is coming along nicely and the sculpts look amazing. I'll be revealing the sculpts closer to the Kickstarter campaign but this week I have more concept art to share.

    Oni project ball and chain star player


    Chaos Dwarf

    The project has meandered off course and I‘ve realised I’m not happy with it in its current form. As a result, I'm taking some time to rethink the future of the project. The Onis project will launch later this year and I'm now planning on launching the Choas Dwarf team in 2021.



    The next Relicblade release will be via Kickstarter and is scheduled to launch on the 1st June. Give MEtal King Studios a follow to be notified at launch. I'll also be posting about the campaign which is a two-player battle set called The Storms of Kural.

    Relicblade kickstarter launch banner

    Over in the Relicblade Facebook group, I came across this wonderful WIlderkin painting tutorial.