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21st May- Relicblade Kickstarter

Relicblade Kickstarter news!

Our friends at Metal King Studio are running a new Relicbldae Kickstarter campaign, starting on the 1st June.
The Storms of Kural battle set is designed to both introduce new players and offer 100% original content to veteran players. The set includes two full-size warbands are consisting of 8 characters representing the eight factions from Relicblade! The parties are carefully designed to explore the deep tactical gameplay of Relicblade and give a taste for the various factions.
The set will include a 36 card deck packed with all-new characters, upgrades, and relics. All new upgrades mean players will crack open the pack with awesome customizability while veteran players won't end up with any repacks, just new treats to explore.
The battle pack will all fit in the same clamshell packaging as the Faction Sets, and will fit nicely in starter "Starter Bundle". Any new players will be able to grab the "starter bundle" pledge level ($100) to include the Seeker's Handbook at a discount, and veteran players can grab the core pledge ($85).
Lastly, the Kickstarter will include the long-awaited Token Set for 2nd edition and a signed art print.

These four heroes follow the Path of the Advocate! This brave fellowship includes bold adventurers representing the Wilderkin, Lone Guard, Temple of Justice and Lostwood Enclave all in one party.
Each character fulfils an important role in the default party build, but they also slot into their respective faction sets to build out the set into a full 100 point warband!
Warden of Justice character card and digital sculpt

Gnome Grenadier  character card and digital sculpt

Wild Elf Witch  character card and digital sculpt

Lone Guard Infiltrator character card and digital sculpt


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