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    17th July

    Chaos Dwarf Project
    I'm aiming to lunch the Chaos Dwarf Kickstarter project at the start of October. B and Tom are about halfway through the core team, so everything is on track at the moment. I'll be sharing more concept art next week.

    Zenobian Zeniths

    There are a limited number of teams left to purchase, numbers are particularly low for the Norse and Human teams so If you're thinking of buying a team, now is the time. 

    The hosts of the excellent Fumbbl podcast gave the Zenobian Zeniths a glowing review in their latest episode.

    If you have feedback, please visit the store and write a review! Anyone who writes a review in July and August will receive a discount code to get 10% off their next purchase so be sure to enter an email address so I can send you a code.