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25th July

Turbo Dork
New stock has arrived, which means I now have every colour back in inventory including sets.

Expanding the range
I'm currently looking for miniatures and products to expand the range, and I'm delighted to be able to show you a couple of sculpts which will be available later this year. Both are suitable for RPGs and tabletop games

3D Glasses WIP example
After a close vote on twitter last week, I started to paint my Stormsire Cursebreakers in Turbo Dork's 3D Glasses. I think the Turbo Dork Colorshift range is perfect for the city of mirrors. I've not had a lot of time for the hobby since the birth of my daughter, but I'm pleasd with the progress so far. Check it out. The armour is three layers of 3d glasses applied with the airbrush followed by a mix of Pearly Gates and 3D Glasses for a zenithal highlight. The highlight is probably a little too subtle at the moment.

3D Glasses example (Miniature is a Games Workshop Stormsire Cursebreaker)

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