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20th February


You've all been starting new projects and trying Turbo Dork paints so I'm running low on stock on a large number of colours. Never fear, I have a huge order on the way which includes the two limited colours, Hyperculture and 4D Glasses.


Upcoming Kickstarters

I've mentioned Needy Cat Games a few times in the past. They're excellent game designers, having worked on countless Games Workshop products before striking out on their own to Design Hellboy the Board Game and Devil May Cry the Board Game. Next week they launch a Kickstarter to bring Robot Fight Club to market. I had the pleasure of playing this at Tabletop Gaming Live, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! If you've ever fancied playing Robot Wars but don't have the welding skills, keep an eye on the Robot Fight Club Kickstarter 

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