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21st February

Zeniths Project update 

Printing of the masters is almost complete and I'm told they will be sent to me tomorrow meaning I'll receive them by Monday or Tuesday. Providing they arrive as expected, I will immediately ship them to Griffin Moulds.

I've just received two massive boxes from KR Cases which means I'll have a weekend checking everything arrived safely and I'll begin packing what I can while I wait for the rest of the miniatures to be cast and shipped to me.


I've had a webstore running for about a month now but haven't pushed it as I've been waiting for my Roayl Mail account to be opened. The good news is everything is in place to start taking orders next week and I'm expecting a shipment of Turbo Dork paints to arrive in the next week or two. The Zenobian Zeniths are listed on the site but I won't be shipping any new orders until backers have theirs.

Over the last couple of months, I've given a few basic teams away as prizes and it's been great to see some of those teams have already been painted! Adam Cunis has been kind enough to paint a set as a prize for the talkNuffle Super Bowl in London this weekend.


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