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14th February

Project Progress
PrintMakr is making good progress with high res digital prints but we'll still a couple of weeks away from receiving them.
If you're attending the WaterBowl in Stockport this weekend, be sure to say hello and take a look at the Zenobian Zeniths. I have a team painted by the fantastic Nord's Painting Saga along with some test 3D prints of some of the stars and the Ball tokens. Come and take a look in between games or during the social on Saturday.

The Web Store
If you 've been following these updates on the blog, you'll have noticed that I've started a store at
There's not a significant amount on there at the moment, but I'll be adding the rest of the Zenobian Zeniths range once I start shipping to backers. I'm waiting on delivery of Turbo Dorks range of paints, so you'll finally be able to get your hands on them without the considerable delivery costs and customs charge. Whilst I've got a few products in the pipeline if there's something you'd like to see offered by a UK based company, I'd love to hear what it is!

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