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23rd April - Relicblade Incoming!

On Tuesday, I received notification from FedEx that the Relicblade miniatures should arrive by the 30th April. The shipment includes all the factions sets except for the Battle Pigs. The Battle Pigs need a new mould as the production mould is damaged.

In the meantime, you can pick up the rulebook and get free delivery. The rulebook is beautiful, full of great artwork and contains all you need to know how to play, along with scenarios to get you going. Buy the rulebook here

Relicblade Community

The Relicblade Facebook group is a great community. If you're looking for some inspiration, you'll find some incredible painters on there. Click here to view the Relicblade Facebook Community.

The Relicblade Decrepid Depths campaign is still in full swing on Tabletop Simulator. You can read about week three and download the PDF here 

Virtual Convention

As many conventions have been cancelled due to COVID-19, several people have been creating their virtual conventions. On Saturday 18th, I spent the day taking a virtual walk around Salute and post about each of the vendors I visited. You can see the posts on Facebook and Twitter by following the following hashtags. Why not join in and take your own virtual tour of a convention? Go to a conventions website, such as Salute or Adepticon, work your way through the list of vendors and tweet about all the cool stuff you see. Use the VirtualWarCon hashtag so others can see what you discover, 



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