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16th April - Salute to Salute, and UKGE Prep

A Salute to Salute

Salute would have been this held this weekend, but due to Covid-19, we're all in lockdown. I had a few things planned for the show, and I'm going to follow through with them anyway. On Saturday the 18th they'll a discount on most items in the store and two miniatures, usually only available through Kickstarter will be available for the day. Along with that, every order will include a pin badge and stickers.


UK Games Expo Prep

The wonderful Sophie at Needy Cat Games is busy building our Relicblade demo boards. She'll be writing a blog post about them soon, but you can see the progress in the photos below.

Work in progress Demo board made from unpainted foam

Work in progress Demo board made from foam and painted brown


This week I played my first game of Relicblade using the Tabletop Simulator. It took a little time to get used to the software, but I was able to take a friend of mine through his first game of Relicblade. Sean has done a fantastic job of adding the assets, and the game looks great!


Chain of Command

I have to admit, I've never been drawn to historical war games before, but I recently picked up Too Fat Lardies' Chain of Command, and I've not been able to put it down! The game focuses on leaders and rather than the usual stat buff from having a leader near your squad, in Chain of Command, your leaders issue commands to your squads meaning, your leaders need to be in range for a squad to be activated. The more senior a leader is, the larger their area of command. Instead of the typical deployment, you may be used to in Warhammer style games; the players first go through a patrol phase which represents you forces knowledge of the terrain and the last points of contact with the enemy. Deployment and activation are handled by rolling command dice. Check out the Too Fat Lardies website for more info as I believe Chain of Command is an amazing ruleset! 

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