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9th April - The Decrepit Depths, Oni, Swordfish and Electric Bastionland


First off, what is Oni? Oni is our lastest Fantasy football project and is designed to make up both an Orge team and a Goblin team. Progress is good with this project, and we're at the point where Tom can begin to work on sculpts. We're moving fast on this project so expect to see progress regularly.


Swordfish Island

You may have come across Swordfish Island is you backed Silent Titans or Super Blood Harvest. Both of these books are available for free along with a bundle of other Role-Playing Games. Check it out 


Electric Bastionland

I mentioned Electric Bastionland a few weeks ago when I received my Backers copy of the PDF I've since been reading the rule book and planning a campaign and honestly, I'm excited! The artwork is beautiful, and the rules are simple, designed to allow the game to flow rather than having to pause to check how something works within the rule system. You can pick up the core rules for free, and there is a fantastic Discord community where fans are getting together to share resources and ideas. You will find links to the rules and Discord server here


Relicblade Global Campaign

Since we're all in lockdown, the guys at Metal King Studio (Sean with help from Malev) have a launched a global campaign for Relicblade using Tabletop Simulator so you can still get your gaming fix! See their Facebook post for more information. 


I'm still waiting for the Relicblade Faction sets to arrive as FedEx decided that, rather than contact Sean (Metal King Studios) or myself to resolve an issue, they'd hold the parcel for a couple of weeks and then ship it back to the states without a word. Very annoying! 

I'll be adding the faction set stock to the website as soon as I receive it. I'm hoping this will be soon as I'm aching to get my hands on them for myself!




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