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2nd April - Social Distancing and 3D Prints

I hope you're all safe and well during the pandemic. Be sure to look after yourself physically and mentally. I've had the opportunity to do a little more painting than usual which has been great.


The Adeptus Terra Podcast

As some of you may now, Exit 23 Games sponsors the Adeptus Terra Podcast. Yesterday they announced their latest competition which has some great prize support. Check it out on Facebook here 


Relicblade Update

I'm still waiting on an invoice from FedEx so that the Relicblade miniatures can clear customs. 

A few of you have reached out to ask about the rest of the Relicblade miniature range. I'll be making a large order with Metal King Studios to ensure I have stock of everything available. 

I commission a UK artist to paint four of the Factions and I'll be posting photos next week.


Orders and Shipping

It's business as usual at Exit 23 Games. I'm still packing orders and Royal Mail is still picking up and shipping. In an effort to reduce exposure, I'm only shipping once or twice a week. 

UK Games Expo

As it stands, the UK games expo is due to take place in August. I've been busy preparing by painting samples for the Exit 23 Games stand.
I'm working through each paint colour in the Turbo Dork range and spraying up a Games Workshop Stormcast liberator in each.

In addition to the samples, I'm going to be painting up some larger miniatures to show what you can achieve. Here's a preview of some of the miniatures I'm working on:

WIP Miniatures for UK Games Expo

6 down, 46 to go! A few of the Turbo Dork Samplers I'm preparing

Sky Above on a Games workshop Dreadnaught and Malum Malice on a squad of Games Workshop Space Marine Infiltrators


Chaos Dwarf Team

H at Printmakr made some progress before we all receive the instruction to stay at home. You can see below that he's nearly completed the first set of master prints. 

3D Prints over an image of the 3D sculpts

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