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26th March - Streaming, Shipping and Covid-19.


Last week I received stock of the Relicblade rulebook and Campaign book. Both are absolutely packed with Sean Sutter's incredible artwork, and I've been reading them cover to cover over and over again since and I can't wait to demo this game at the UKGE and Tabletop Gaming Live.

In the UK, we've been asked to stop all non-essential travel, and thankfully many businesses are taking this seriously. Unfortunately, my shipment of Relicblade miniatures haven't made their way through customs yet, and I'm told FedEx's Invoicing team aren't work for the next few weeks as we wait on further news on Covid-19.

If any of you have been browsing the website looking for individual Relicblade miniatures, fear not. I'll be making a large order in time for the UK Games Expo, and we'll have stock of every Relicblade miniature available. I'll open preorders closer to the time, and they'll be an option to collect at UK games Expo and Tabletop Gaming Live.


Exit 23 Games are continuing to accept orders and are shipping as long Royal Mail are accepting parcels. As someone with a terrible immune system, I've been practising social distancing for several works already, and along with the local postal service workers, I've been wearing personal protective equipment whenever handling goods. One of the benefits of regularly using an airbrush is I have lots of rubber gloves and PPE facemasks!


Twitch Streaming

Working from home during the pandemic, I often find myself looking for a stream to watch while I work. The streams I follow tend to run in the evening, so I thought I'd start streaming during the day. I've got plenty of painting to complete for the UKGE, so I have started painting on camera. Its an opportunity to hang out and paint, discuss the hobby and to ask me questions. Most of all, I want to provide a space for people to interact since Social Distancing can be lonely. I'll be streaming on Wednesdays each week and alternating between Mondays and Fridays. Follow my channel to be notified when I go live. 

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